Auditing in a Computerised Environment

The course emphasizes the relationship between accounting and information technology. It has been designed to give accountants a head start in their chosen profession. Delegates gain the skills to enter confidently into the role of accounting and audit, computer audit, internal audit, crime prevention and detection, insurance and banking. Most of today’s financial frauds emerge from a computerized environment and so the course emphasises the relationship between accounting and IT. Delegates will build a capacity to aid in the investigation of potential frauds by developing current technical accounting understanding and practice.

At the end of the course delegates should have:

An in-depth knowledge of systems auditing and related subjects from a theoretical and practical perspective. Learn the risk exposures in an IT environment and the internal controls to minimise these risks.

Training Course Content:

  • What is audit in a computer environment?
  • Auditing around the computer
  • Auditing through the Computer
  • Auditing with the computer
  • Use of the computer of audit automation
  • The computer systems challenges
  • What to do if there is lack of visible evidence and systematic errors
  • Controls over audit computers
  • Security and accuracy (of input, processing and output)
  • Backup of data contained on files, regular production of hard copy, back-up disks held off the premises
  • The internal control over computer based accounting systems
  • Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs)

As a forward thinking training company we provide bespoke courses in house. While offering   other courses in Banking and Finance which include; Budget and Financial Management, Strategic Planning and Effective Budgeting and Cost Control, Strategic Bank Management.

6th - 17th April 2015/ 4th - 15th April 2016: London
1st -12th June 2015/ 30th May - 10th June 2016: New York - USA
13th - 24th April 2015/ 11th - 22nd April 2016: Cape Town - South Africa

Two weeks training: £4,150
One week course: £2,250