Boardroom Presence - Form Effective Relationships
This highly practical Boardroom Presence training course is designed to help delegates needing to make a good and lasting impression in the boardroom with senior executives.

Suitability -  who should attend?
This Boardroom Presence training course is suitable for who wants to improve their ability to form effective relationships at a senior level. This course is  also intended  for those who need to make an impact - this is appropriate if you've been promoted, or if you attend regular board meetings, or if you are asked to attend meetings because you have a particular expertise.

Aims of  the course
This workshop aims to help you to develop your presentation and communication skills so that you make a favourable impression on other senior executives.

Training Course Content
This training course is designed to cover headings

•    Create a vision and common sense of purpose that attracts and engages everyone involved;
•    Understand that stakeholders and staff need to perceive them as role models and leaders of the new culture, and recognise if this outcome is being achieved;
•    Use a number of formal and informal communication techniques in an integrated approach that builds credibility;
•    Use leadership behaviours and skills to engage middle managers and embed change across the organisation.

13th – 24th July 2015: Dubai
21st September – 2nd October 2015: London
9th – 20th November 2015: Abu Dhabi

Two weeks training: £3,850
One week course: £2,200