Corporate Governance
This comprehensive Corporate Governance training course will provide interactive ways to get the latest financial updates related to corporate governance. The professional training approach through flexible learning, which allows delegates to share their experience around the financial management of corporate assets throughout interactive class discussion and case study analyses.

Suitability -  who should attend?
This training course is aimed at finance professionals and managers in a centralised finance function or inline functions, who want to round out their professional education as they take on more management responsibility.

Aims of  the course
This Corporate Governance training course aims to help finance professionals identify and maximise the financial benefit from improved corporate governance and related procedures. This course will explore the current state and direction of best practices in corporate governance and explain corporate approaches to implementing and embedding best practices.

Training Course Content
This training course is designed to cover headings

•    Exploration of the dilemmas faced by directors today including ethics, corporate responsibility and talent management
•    An opportunity to assess different leadership and decision making techniques, ways of handling resistance to change and how all these could be applied in your own organisation
•    Introduction, codes of practice, implementation, costs and benefits
•    Corporate governance – the business case
•    Good corporate governance and emerging markets
•    Industry specifics: banks; government companies
•    Legal and regulatory frameworks for governance
•    Ethics, corporate social responsibility
•    Ethics and culture: the board’s responsibility
•    The Board’s composition and processes
•    Board committees – the Audit Committee
•    The Board – nominations and compensation
•    Personalities on the board
•    Governance and risk – responsibilities of directors and management

26th May - 6th June 2014: Atlanta
18th - 29th August 2014: London
6th- 17th October 2014: Dubai

Two weeks training: £3,850
One week course: £2,200