Crisis and Risk Management

When a risk threatens your business or its very existence or when a crisis breaks out suddenly. The team needs to be prepared to react swiftly, efficiently and productively. Risks could include supply chain failure, new competitors and product failure. While a crisis could be due to natural disasters, terrorist attacks or financial collapses, just to name a few of the crisis’s that have occurred on large scales in recent years. Crisis and risk management is quickly becoming an increasingly critical department. As organisations devise plans and strategies to ensure progressive business continuity.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Compare and analyse different risk situations and risk environments
  • Develop problem solving approaches
  • Select and use appropriate models, methods and techniques for identifying, researching, diagnosing and dealing with risks and uncertainties
  • Link the understanding of the psychology of crisis and risk to the application of risk management strategies
  • Be competent in leading and contributing to high performance group outcomes
  • Be able to isolate, assess and resolve problems of varying degrees of predictability

Course Aims:

The main aim of this course is to equip course participants with tools and knowledge to enable them to plan, lead and implement strategies within their organisations.

Training course Content:

  • Preparing for crisis situations within your organization and responding appropriately.
  • Crisis management and risk assessments
  • How to integrate crisis management and risk management
  • Business risks
  • Risk management techniques
  • Strategies to manage risk
  • Issues in crisis management
  • Tools for crisis management checklist
  • Crisis team management
  • Responsibilities of a team
  • Effective communication of a crisis within your organisation
  • Assembling your crisis management
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity

3rd - 14th August 2015/ 1st - 12th August 2016: Ghana - Accra
2nd - 13th November 2015/ 31st October - 11th November 2016: New York - USA

Two weeks training: £3,600
One week course: £2,100