Director's Role in Leading the Organisation (Executive Course)
This practical Director’s Role in Leading the Organisation training course is designed for directors and aims to provide a valuable opportunity for delegates to explore strategic leadership issues and board members' roles in successfully implementing the corporate strategy.

Suitability -  who should attend?
Directors, acting directors or individuals who are looking to stepping in that position.

Aims of  the course
The course looks at the way in which directors, individually and collectively, can create a culture and environment, which encourages creativity, innovation, energy and employee commitment.

Training Course Content
This training course is designed to cover modules

•    Exploration of the dilemmas faced by directors today including ethics, corporate responsibility and talent management
•    An opportunity to assess different leadership and decision making techniques, ways of handling resistance to change and how all these could be applied in your own organisation
•    Consideration of how to establish an environment in which ideas can be generated, creativity encouraged and new knowledge exploited
•    Provides real-life examples, reference material and post-course e-learning that reinforces the key T
•    Create a culture which engages others constructively in the business in order to achieve the strategic objectives which add value to the company and to its customers
•    Understand what is actually needed to deliver a successful strategy in terms of decision making, alignment of resources and people development
•    Develop effective methods for implementing strategies or strategic change as an individual leader and as a member of an executive team
•    Align performance monitoring with the need to remain innovative as a means of driving continuous improvement and keeping key stakeholders engaged in taking the organisation forward

1st - 5th September 2014: Washington DC

One week course: £4,950