Entrepreneurial Skills for Competitive Advantage
As organisational environments become increasingly complex and dynamic, entrepreneurship is expected to become more and more important for achieving and sustaining competitive advantage. Managers with entrepreneurial ability are vital to the sustainability and growth of a business. This course will help you to develop your entrepreneurial ability and show you how to recognise and nurture entrepreneurial ability in your team.

Suitability -  who should attend?
Its recommended for managers at any level who would like to develop further their entrepreneurial skills and improve competitive advantage and business growth within their business. The course is suitable for managers from any size organisation from sole trader to multi-national. It is also applicable to managers from all three sectors i.e. private, public and not-for-profit.

Aims of the course
By the end of the course, you will be able to:
•    Understand why entrepreneurship is so important for modern day organisations
•    Gain a better understanding of the competencies needed to be an entrepreneur
•    Explore the extent to which you are currently behaving in an entrepreneurial way
•    Learn how to be more entrepreneurial
•    Learn how to facilitate and encourage an entrepreneurial culture within your team.

Training Course Content
This training course is designed to cover the following headings
What is an entrepreneur?
•    the personality characteristics of entrepreneurs
•    what can we learn from the elite entrepreneurs
•    why entrepreneurial skills are more effective than entrepreneurial skills
Identifying entrepreneurial ability
•    what to look for with the naked eye
Managing Risk
•    what do we mean by ‘Managing Risk’ and why is it important to entrepreneurship?
How can you create a team environment where Entrepreneurship will flourish?
•    what organisational factors will you need to influence in order to facilitate entrepreneurial behaviours?
•    promoting autonomy and individual discretion
•    promoting a team culture that understands and manages risk

7th - 18th April 2014: Abu Dhabi
9th - 20th June 2014: London
15th - 26th September 2014: New York

Two weeks training: £3,850
One week week: £2,200