Financial Crime Prevention
The Financial Crime Prevention training provides  delegates with a detailed insight into strategic approaches to combating financial crime in both their native country  and the international perspective. The course also provides excellent opportunities for benchmark good practice whilst networking with fellow practitioners.

Suitability -  who should attend?
This course is aimed at individuals who intend to work in fraud or crime prevention departments:
•    Fraud Prevention and Investigation Officers, Managers and Deputies
•    MLROs and Deputies
•    Managers with responsibility for internal organisational fraud, financial crime and AML controls
•    Risk Managers
•    Internal Audit and Regulatory Staff
•    Law enforcement

Aims of  the course
•    Detailed knowledge on the nature of financial crime
•    Practical understanding of best practice and how to prevent financial crime

Training Course Content
This training course is designed to cover the following modules

An Introduction to Financial Crime
•    Understanding and Managing Financial Crime
•    The International Models and Influences
The UK Framework
•    Key Roles and Responsibilities
•    The Legal Framework
•    The UK’s Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Framework and Strategy
•    Market Fraud (Market Manipulation/Misleading Statements), Insider Framework and Strategy
•    Bribery and Corruption
The Prevention and Detection of Specific Financial Crimes Risks
•    Business Frauds
•    Financial Sector Fraud
•    Electronic Crime
•    Data and Information Security
Investigation Prosecution and Recovery
•    The Laws, Standards and Codes Affecting Investigation and Prosecution
•    Internal Investigation
•    Asset Tracing, Recovery and Confiscation
Benefits for individual
•    Career progression
•    Increased knowledge, developed skills
•    Enhanced workplace performance
•    Stepping stone to the MBS Degree in Management with Compliance
Benefits for organisation
•    Reduced risk
•    Enhanced reputation
•    Increased knowledge throughout team

17th - 28th March 2014: Kenya
5th - 16th May 2014: London
4th - 15th August 2014: London

Two weeks training: £4,150
One week course: £2,375