Leadership for Senior Executives (Executive Course)
In today's global economy, a company's long-term success is determined by the ability of its senior executives to lead effectively through periods of economic uncertainty. This Executive Education program prepares you to manage during adversity, drive employee and customer satisfaction, and maintain the strategic discipline to succeed during periods of growth and recession.

Suitability -  who should attend?
This program is designed for senior executives and executive team members with significant management responsibilities at large established companies.

Aims of  the course
•    A customer-strategic perspective on your—and your organization's—strengths and opportunities
•    An approach to improving the way your senior management team functions
•    A better understanding of how to leverage your skills and competencies across the enterprise
•    The ability to maximize your organization's major asset: its people
•    Strategies for applying ethical principles to solve your toughest challenges.

Training Course Content
This training course is designed to cover modules
•    The Customer-Strategic Perspective:
World-class companies deliver superior value by consistently delighting their customers, employees, and shareholders.
•    Managing Teams Effectively:
Creating a strong team is one of your most important leadership responsibilities. The challenge shifts from building productive teams of individual contributors to developing effective leadership teams.
•    Leadership Style and Impact:
Focusing on the challenges of leading change through the lens of aspirational leadership.
•    Extraordinary Leadership:
Extraordinary leaders create and promote a culture where people value themselves, one another, and the organization. This session draws out lessons from the lives of successful leaders who were able to inspire and motivate others to become leaders within their organizations.
•    Leading Change:
Leading and managing change are crucial in today's business climate. By leveraging the human element to produce successful change, participants will gain insights into aligning culture and strategy to propel organizational change.

19th - 23rd May 2014: Kenya - Safari
4th  -8th August 2014: Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
27th - 31st October 2014: London - Mayfair

One week course: £4,950