Leading and Embedding Organisational Change for Senior Executives(Executive Course)
This Leading and Embedding Organisational Change course is designed to equip senior executives with the skills to lead organisational development effectively by taking an approach that is humanistic, engaging and holistic.

Suitability -  who should attend?
This Leading and Embedding Organisational Change course is suitable for senior line managers or senior specialist advisers to the Board who need to:

•    lead or facilitate a change process in their directorate or organisation
•    be perceived as leaders and role models of the new organizational culture by key stakeholders

It is also suitable for senior managers looking for independent feedback from a professional SML Facilitator or course delegates on their current leadership qualities.

Aims of  the course
•    create a vision and common sense of purpose that attracts and engages everyone involved;
•    understand that stakeholders and staff need to perceive them as role models and leaders of the new culture, and recognise if this outcome is being achieved;
•    use a number of formal and informal communication techniques in an integrated approach that builds credibility;
•    engage middle managers and embed change across the organisation.

16th - 20th June 2014: Toronto Canada
18th - 22nd August 2014: Toronto Canada

One week course: £4,950