Management Excellence
The course provides techniques to move beyond the day-to-day management of your team to become a leader who can motivate and inspire. It’s full of practical ways to enhance operational and strategic performance. Every session is guided by one of our expert facilitators with experience at the highest levels of management.

Suitability -  who should attend?
This practical workshop is for strategic managers to  address their individual development and drive improvement across their organisation. It also provides an excellent networking opportunity and chance for peer review.

Aims of the course
•    Greater confidence and expertise in managing both individuals and large or complex teams
•    Ways to motivate a team through change and new challenges
•    Effectively utilising each member of a team according to their strengths and development needs
•    A more powerful and inspiring leadership style
•    Take on greater responsibility and stand out in today's fast-changing business environment
•    A fresh perspective on your organisation at the strategic level

Training Course Content
This training course is designed to cover the following headings

•    Understand the role of senior management in business success
•    Situational leadership styles - instructing, supporting, coaching, delegating - and how to apply these models
•    Define the additional challenges of senior management over operational management
•    Understand and effectively utilise strategic planning techniques
•    How to manage uncertainty, complexity and change programmes
•    Develop and motivate your team through a deeper understanding of various team types
•    Cultivate and manage multiple, large and complex teams
•    Communicate business objectives effectively on both operational and strategic levels
•    Manage in multiple directions - up to senior management, down to team members, and managing managers

6th - 17th October 2014: London
30th June - 11th July 2014: Boston
31st March - 4th April 2014: London

Two weeks training: £3,850
One week course: £2,200