MySQL for beginners

Introduction to MySQL will cover: Database design, normalization and denormalization, configuration and performance tuning, creating databases and tables.

Suitability - who should attend?

This course is intended for people with no or little experience in setting up databases and who would like to learn how to use MySQL for their projects.

Training course Content:

MySQL for beginners covers the following topics:

  • Structure your data for integrity and speed, database design, normalization and denormalization
  • How to configure your database server for increased performance
  • Introduction to SQL
  • How to use SQL to create databases and tables
  • Learn MySQL's data types and how to use them

Understand how to get data into and out of your database

22nd - 26th June 2015/ 20th - 24th June 2016: Nigeria
17th - 21st August 2015 / 22nd - 26th August 2016: Abu Dhabi
23rd - 27th November 2015 / 21st - 25th November 2016: London

One week course: £2,375