Staff development

Training staff is very important. In a modern economy like our own, the nature of work is constantly changing. New technologies mean that new work skills are constantly required. To succeed in business or in a career, people will need to be very flexible about how they work, and to constantly change the range of skills they use at work.

Suitability -  who should attend?

This training course is designed for the benefit of anyone new to the workplace or taking a new role in the company.

Aims of the course

The key objective is to transform employees to be adaptable to change, productive, motivated, and quite frankly brilliant! The course aims to teach either new employees or staff in new positions, core business skills to get them up to speed quickly.

Training Course Content
This training course is designed to cover the following headings

The course is split into 3 three modules, which will give you the core skills you need to fast track you through today’s competitive and challenging business world.

The programme is divided in 3 distinct modules:

•    Departure Lounge – get the skills you’ll need to set you up for success
•    Take off – key day to day skills you’ll need as you settle into your role
•    Landing – arming you with the advanced skills you’ll need to move forward in your career


  • Working in a Changing World
  • Effective Communication

Take Off

The second part of this programme will look at how you can maintain and improve your performance levels.

  • Building an effective team
  • Defining your team role
  • Working through the characteristics of a team
  • Coaching and developing yourself and others
  • Influencing, Negotiation and Finance


The final module will show you how you can move forward in your career. This will empower you to shape your career and be the best you can be in your role.

25th May -5th June 2015 / 23rd May - 3rd June 2016: London
23rd November - 4th December 2015  / 21st November - 2nd December: 2016 :London
6th -17th August 2015 / 8th -19th August 2016: Dubai

Two weeks training: £3,850
One week course:  £2,200