Strategic Bank Management
The Strategic Bank Management programme is designed to ensure that delegates gain a detailed overview of total bank operations  and get the critical edge and return to their desks confident and fully equipped with knowledge of bank operations. The Credit Crisis and Basel III. This Strategic Bank Management programme  first looks at the credit crisis, liquidity problems, securitisation, bad debts, the interbank market, bank capital, credit derivatives.

Suitability -  who should attend?
This course is designed for people who are currently involved in finance and or  managers so as to obtain a detailed overview of total bank operations – seeing clearly how everything fits together.

Aims of  the course
•    Appreciate the impact of Basel III on commercial bank operations.   Establish how to restore profitability through the design and execution of successful strategies
•    Identify and analyse a bank’s exposure to the various sources of risk – and how to design strategies to control risk within acceptable bounds.
•    Assess how derivatives like interest rate swaps and credit default swaps can enable banks to manage their exposure to interest rate and credit risk – but to be aware of counterparty and mark-to-market risk.
•  Understand asset and liability management concepts – and how they affect day-to-day decisions throughout the bank.

Training Course Content
This training course is designed to cover the following headings
Overview of Bank Financial Management
•  Balance sheet structures
•  On- and off-balance sheet accounts Interest rate risk measures
•  Securitisation
•  Regulatory ratios
•  Capital adequacy
•  Liquidity
•  ALM concepts
•  Integrating total bank operations – credit, finance, trading, treasury and risk management
•  The importance of credit risk, liquidity, and capital in today’s environment.

23rd June - 4th July 2014: London
25th August - 3rd October  2014: USA - Boston
8th - 19th September 2014: Dubai

Two weeks training: £4,150
One week course: £2,375