Strategic Public Procurement

The Programme is to provide participants with strategy development skills for significant procurement. Including involvement in organisational strategic and financial planning and manage strategic procurement activities. To also advance the strategic communication and negotiation skills, including the management of commercial and legal considerations.

Suitability - Who should attend?

This course is designed for procurement and contract management officers, and those in functions that include close interaction with procurement. This applies to people in the following professions:

  • Programme staff
  • Project staff
  • Development manager officer
  • Negotiations manager officer
  • Contract manager officer

Learning outcomes:

  • Advance and implement strategic procurement plans
  • Integrate procurement plans in corporate strategic and financial preparation
  • Plan for significant procurement and supply
  • Conduct cost and financial analysis
  • Organise and manage procurement activities
  • Understand commercial and legal considerations in negotiations
  • Apply successful negotiations and bargaining methods in procurement negotiations
  • Make team negotiations work
  • Manage conflict and deadlock resolution processes
  • Manage advanced offer evaluation processes
  • Implement strategic supply, service and consultancy

 Training Course Content:

  • Planning for significant procurement
  • Contingency planning at strategic level
  • Centralisation versus decentralisation
  • Power and persuasion in negotiations
  • Managing contract objectives and risks
  • How to use winning negotiation strategies
  • Managing strategic supply contracts
  • Strategic offer evaluation processes

As a forward thinking training company we provide bespoke Procurement courses to meet the varied needs of different organisations. Which can be held at our London training venue, or at any of our training centres around the world.

9th - 20th March 2015 / 7th - 18th March 2016: Switzerland
13th - 24th June 2015 / 11th - 22th June 2016: Dubai
31st August 2015 - 11th September 2015  / 29th August - 9th September 2016:  New York - USA

Two weeks training: £3,850
One week course: £2,200